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Hi 5 is a modern day greeting when you meet a friend or enjoy a moment of achieving
something special.

Hi 5
is a website specially designed to meet friends and learn more about each other.

The Smiles Foundation works in Romania with too many people who have lost hope in their lives and need help to restore the belief that things can get better.

The Smiles Hi 5 Club is about 'Greeting a Friend' who you may not yet know, learning more about them and restoring Hope in their life through your kind and generous support.
5/$5 isn't too much to us these days, but to someone in Romania who has lost hope, 5/$5 can mean the world. Not only that, put all our '5's together and we see what a few friends can really do to change the world for someone in need.
If you can't commit to one of our other Clubs, then please support the Smiles Hi 5 Club. For 5/$5 a month (or multiples of) that's as little as 17p/17c a day - you can change the world for someone in Romania who needs The Smiles Foundation's help through one of its many projects.

All Hi 5 donations will go to the 'Where Most Needed' fund in Smiles to ensure that the emergencies and greatest needs in Romania are met with your support.


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