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Community Outreach


The Community Outreach project is currently co-ordinated by Adi Matis, our Assistant Director of Smiles. This is a new focus on outreach to many of the Communities we serve through Bihor County in NW Romania.

The inspiration comes from the success of the Elderly Luncheon which is a feature of our community outreach in Gepiu. Always a tremendous occasion sharing Worship and Testimony within the enjoyable environment of a luncheon for local residents.

We hope to see more such Luncheons organised in more communities that Smiles has contact with around the county. We will be endeavouring to arrange these events during our Mission Trips so the visiting mission teams can assist us with preparing and serving the locals.

We will look for options beyond just luncheons to provide special outreach events and anticipate occasions being organised during Mission Trips.  Community events such as BBQs / Sports Day / Concerts / Mothers & Babes - always ensuring that during the programme, the Gospel will be clearly presented.

Although much of Smiles Work is involved with Social programmes, we want to see a lot more direct outreach made possible through the strong relationships we have established over the years through many communities in Bihor County.

Your support will enable us to make plans. Please help if you can.

The Core Operating Costs for Community Outreach
average 250 / $325 per month

Additional Costs to hold Events (including expenses)
135 / $175 each programme

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